‘For Professionals’

Introducing Alpro ‘For Professionals’, exclusively formulated for the professional barista.

By selecting only the finest soya beans we’ve used over 30 years experience to blend and extract the natural goodness from every one.

The result… a plant based soya milk alternative that delivers consistent, reliable, deliciously creamy lattes with soya or frothy light cappuccinos with soya.

Where can I order Alpro ‘For Professionals’?
Alpro ‘For Professionals’

What is Alpro ‘For Professionals’?

  • Alpro ‘For Professionals’ is a long life plant based soya milk alternative, specially blended for coffee to make perfect cappuccinos with soya and lattes with soya.
  • Consistent workability and high quality micro foam guarantee ease of use for your baristas, time after time.
  • Alpro ‘For Professionals’ can guarantee it never uses genetically modified soya beans as we have long term relationships with our farmers in Canada and China where we have set up a full traceability system from crop to cup.
  • Naturally dairy and lactose free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians Alpro ‘For Professionals’ is the must stock soya brand. For ingredients and nutritional information please click here.
Alpro ‘For Professionals’

Why should I stock Alpro ‘For Professionals’?

  • Soya hot beverage sales have been in double digit growth the last several years, representing up to 11% of all hot speciality drinks in some London cafes.
  • When cappuccino with soya and latte with soya are promoted in store we see a 3 to 5 times uplift in soya sales.
  • A premium price can be charged for soya, leading to an increase in cash margin.
  • Alpro is the only soya supplier investing and growing the category.
Alpro ‘For Professionals’

Why would my Customers buy coffees with soya?

  • Appeals to younger women looking to lead a healthy lifestyle as Alpro is high in plant protein, low in saturated fat and full of plant goodness.
  • With over 30 years experience we have developed a creamy, sweet plant based soya milk alternative perfect for creating long, delicious lattes with soya or light, fluffy cappuccinos with soya.
  • Our health and ethical credentials are making Alpro the brand and cappuccino with soya and latte with soya the speciality coffees to be seen with.

Discover more about Alpro ‘For Professionals’

Ingredients, nutritionals, GDA’s and allergy information

Top tips

When using Alpro ‘For Professionals’

  • #1

    Always keep refrigerated and shake well before use.

  • #2

    Steam heat the Alpro ‘For Professionals’ in a clean jug to no more than 65˚C.

  • #3

    For particularly acidic coffees let the first few seconds of the shot drop.

  • #4

    Never re steam Alpro ‘For Professionals’